Pinched Nerve

Pinched Nerve

Pinched Nerves and Chiropractic: Breaux Bridge and Lafayette, Louisiana

The nerves in your body are necessary for sending information throughout the body and if something interrupts the flow of this information, our bodies will respond accordingly. Many times the result is pain, numbness or a burning sensation in some area of the body. Some individuals even report experiencing unusual weakness.

If your nerves become compressed or pressured by the surrounding tissues, your body will send a sharp shooting 'pinching' feeling as a warning. Whatever you do don't ignore it! The pain you are feeling is a warning of a possible damaged and/or injured nerve. This nerve pressure may come from either the repetition of a certain body motion, or holding the body's position for a long period of time.

If you have any of the following, you might have a pinched:

Neck Pain
Spinal Pain
Mid or lower back pain
Shoulder pain
Pain radiating down the arm or leg
Numbness, tingling, or burning sensation in the arms, legs, or even toes
Limited range of motion
Trouble sitting for long periods of time
Problems bending forward or backward
Trouble sleeping in certain positions

Why Are Pinched Nerves Dangerous?

If a nerve gets "pinched", the entire flow of the nerve stops and eventually may cause that nerve fiber to die. When enough fibers stop working, the skin may feel perpetually numb and muscles may stop contracting.

How Chiropractic Can Help Pinched Nerves

In our office, treatment of pinched nerves is designed to find and correct the underlying problem, and not to just treat the symptoms. Once we have figured out exactly what the underlying cause of the problem is, we put our patients into a treatment plan to correct the problem.

In addition to using traditional chiropractic methods, we also use a patented form of rehabilitation called Quantum Neurology® which focuses on the central nervous system and aids in assisting the body to heal itself. This treatment option looks for weaknesses in the nervous system and works to strengthen those weaknesses. This is especially effective in treating pinched nerves.

If you suspect you have a pinched nerve, then give us a call. We are here to help. Find out more about chiropractic care for pinched nerves from Breaux Bridge Chiropractic in Breaux Bridge and Lafayette, LA.

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