Headaches and Chiropractic: Breaux Bridge and Lafayette, Louisiana

Headaches are common place among most people with nine of ten Americans suffering from headaches. Some have occasional headaches, some frequent and some are dull and throbbing. Headaches can be so painful that they cause nausea.

So what do you do if you have a headache? Most people run to their medicine cabinet to get a bottle of pain reliever. Others with more serious headaches go to the doctor in hopes of relief. Many times these things only mask the pain or cover up the real cause of the headache.

Research has shown the chiropractic manipulation can help and is effective in the treatment of headaches. Traditional chiropractic is limited to the trying to relieve the tension in the neck. However, chiropractors who also use Quantum Neurology can go a step further by addressing issues that are contained with in the central nervous system.

In our office, we help pinpoint weaknesses in the nervous system that may be causing your headaches. Once we determine where these weaknesses are, when then set up a treatment plan to address those weaknesses and aid the body in healing itself.

There are many different causes of headaches and most traditional ways of treating a headache only mask and cover up the pain. Our goal is to get to the root of the problem and provide treatment at the source in order to get the real relief you need.

If you are experiencing headaches and they are own going, you may have a more serious issue. Please call our office and let us work together to help you get the relief you need and move on with your life. Find out about chiropractic care for headaches from Breaux Bridge Chiropractic in Breaux Bridge and Lafayette, LA.

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