Ear Infection

Ear Infection

Ear Infections and Chiropractic Care

Ear infections can be very painful for anyone but especially children. There are over 10 million new cases of ear infections reported every year and is the number one reason for a child's visit to the pediatrician. Ear infections account for 35 percent of all pediatric visits.

Standard treatment of ear infections has been antibiotics if the infection is caused by bacteria. According to some studies, antibiotics are not much more effective than the bodies on immune system. Find out about chiropractic care for ear infections from Breaux Bridge Chiropractic in Breaux Bridge and Lafayette, LA.

So How Can Chiropractic Help

Chiropractors attempt to get to the root cause of a health problem rather than just treat the symptoms. Misalignments of the spine (also called subluxations) can occur during childbirth, from tumbles or falls, or from any other normal activity. Misalignments left untreated can irritate the nerves and eventually disrupt the body's ability to function properly. The purpose of a chiropractic adjustment is to help to restore the normal functioning of the nervous system so the body can heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery.

If your child is suffering over and over again with ear infections and medications are not working like they should, there may be a deeper problem. We want to invite you to come in and bring your child so we can if there is another issue that the drugs just cannot take care of.
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