Meet Dr. Ben Thibodeaux

Dr. Ben decided he wanted to become a chiropractor at the young age of 13. This big plan began to take shape one day when he was lifting weights with his high school football team. It was late summer and school had not started yet, but as somepeople may know, football players are at school long before classes begin. On the day this began, he was doing something he had done many times before. The team was doing leg squats and when it was his turn he decided to try a little extra weight. The first time he went down, he felt a sharp pain in his lower back but he was able to stand up with the weight. Immediately he knew something was wrong but as a teenager he did not want to seem weak to his coaches and teammates.

After a short break, he went back and tried the same exercise, but with less weight. It was at this point he knew this problem was very serious. This time he was not able to stand up with the weights and had to get help from his teammates. This was the end of his workouts and looked like it would be the end of his high school football career, before it ever really started. Initially, he thought it would just go away, but it never did. After a long week went by, he decided to see the team doctor. He was told it was just a pulled muscle and it would probably go away on its own, if he gave it a little longer. Additionally, the doctor offered him some sort of injection or to take some pills. This was a dead end because even as a teenager, he knew these were not going to fix his problem.

Finally his mother decided to take him to a chiropractor, Dr. R.L. Savoy. He had been practicing in Dr. Ben’s hometown for decades, but Dr. Ben had no clue what a chiropractor was. This man was such a huge influence on so many people’s lives. He had patients who would travel from all over south Louisiana to receive chiropractic adjustments from him. When Dr. Ben heard about this he thought, “What is so special about this guy?” Fortunately, he learned just how special of an individual Dr. Savoy was when he was able to help Dr. Ben overcome this problem he had been suffering with for three weeks. The chiropractic adjustment he received was amazing and immediately started his body on a path of healing itself.

Something that just waiting around didn’t seem to do.Dr. Savoy had now made a positive influence on Dr. Ben’s life as he had done so many times before. Dr. Savoy was a true chiropractor who was not only seeing people for neck and back pain, but would also adjust the spines of people suffering with all sorts of problems. Dr. Savoy taught Dr. Ben about the many benefits chiropractic can have. Not by diagnosing and treating diseases, but by simply removing interference to the nervous system. From this point on Dr. Ben decided he wanted to become a chiropractor. He felt he had been given a vision, a purpose, and a mission in life to become a chiropractor to improve the lives of people who are suffering from the use of needless medications and surgeries.

Dr. Ben later graduated from Texas Chiropractic College in 2001 and has been practicing in south Louisiana since then. He married his beautiful wife and high school sweetheart, Gena, in 2002. In 2004 he began practicing in Breaux Bridge and has decided to make this a permanent place to practice. Dr. Ben has a mission to help as many people in his lifetime as he can – especially children. He decided this was very important with the birth of his daughter, Ava, in 2005 and was later reinforced with the birth of his son, Eli, in 2009. Eli was born 8 weeks early and had a rough start in life. Because of regular chiropractic adjustments since they were born, Eli and Ava have developed into healthy and active little kids.